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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience Graduate Analyst FTE(On Campus)

Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2020
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Round 1 (Coding round): 3 questions. Marks distribution 20, 50, 50. One Mathematics, One DS, and One Dynamic Programming. Questions were of moderate level.

Round 2(Technical):

  1. Define Linear and Non-Linear Data Structure.
  2. Difference between Array And List. 
  3. If the requirement is to delete and insert elements multiple times then which one of the above two. (2)
  4. Write a Program to reverse the string
  5. Now you have to display the value which was returned by the above Java function in the HTML page. write code
  6. Sort an array. Find the most efficient algorithm, it’s complexity, write the code.
  7. Public static void main explain
  8. Use of String in the (String args[]) can we write Integer instead of a String.
  9. Explain Polymorphism.
  10. What is Canvas in HTML?
  11. What is the class file and explain the full working?
  12. Algorithm for the LRU cache implementation.
  13. 1What is Marquee?
  14. A minimum number of coins that sum up to a given amount.Only the answer n.

Round 3(Resume Based Technical):

  1. Difference between Java and JavaScript.
  2. What is meant by asynchronous?
  3. Which among Java and Javascript is synchronous and asynchronous.
  4. Explain Array and ArrayList
  5. Explain the ArrayList and LinkedList. Which Interface do they actually implement
  6. Explain Multiple Inheritance In Java. If it is possible or not here.
  7. What is Bootstrap explains?
  8. Write SQL queries for displaying all unique columns.
  9. Can a Constructor be private, static, final, return type can be there?
  10. Database Normalization
  11. Explain a situation where you were proud of yourself. What did you do it might not be related to the technical field.
  12. Remove duplicate elements in an array the quickest way.
  13. What is the default modifier for Interface methods?
  14. 1Puzzle-You are given three boxes Labeled Apple, Orange, and Mixed. Each label’s name is false. That means if a box has a label apple then it can be mixed or orange but not apple. You have to find the minimum number of attempts to identify them.

Round 4(Professional):

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. How were the previous rounds?
  3. What difficulty did you face in previous rounds?
  4. When you get stuck in a technical concept what will you do at that point in order to overcome.
  5. Any Question

Round 5(HR):

  1. Tell me everything about yourself including projects internships family background hobbies.
  2. Suppose in your internship your project partner takes all your credits what will you do in that particular situation.
  3. Any plans for higher studies?
  4. Some questions related to hobbies.
  5. Any Questions?

Good Luck With your Placement!

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