Deutsche bank for summer internship

Round 1: 

Online test- it consisted of mcq baeed on oop and output questions. There were 2 coding questions. The questions were quite moderate.

1 – it was bfs with a little modification.

2 – Given a string of lowercase alphabets, for each query calculate the distance of the alphabet at the index to the nearest same alphabet. Ex. if string = abacb then the ans would be 2 3 2 -1 3. So if query is 2 then ans would be 2. Can be done in O(n). Some guys did it in O(nlogn), which also passed.

Round 2: 

After round 1 they selected around 30 students for technical as well as professional fitment round. They asked dsa + dbms questions mainly. Some problems were n-queen problem. On stack, trees, linked list and some puzzle. For some questions we were asked to implement the function/method. They also asked some puzzles like water jug. Prisoners and poison puzzle.

For professional fitment the questions were the basic hr questions. Define yourself. Why DB? Strengths. Weaknesses. Goals. Where do u see yourself in 5 years.

Round 3:

Another professional fitment type round. Define yourself. How do you think of yourself as a team leader or team player. What will you choose- integrity/loyalty.

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