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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Internship 2020

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Stage 1:  This was an online technical assessment round in the HackerEarth Platform. The time duration was 1:30 hours.  

There were two coding questions:

  1. Let P(N) be the parity of the number of integers that divide a number N. You are given a number X and you have to determine the smallest number Y such that Y>X and P(Y) != P(X).
  2. You are given an array. You have to find the minimum cost that is required to cross the array by jumping from one element to another. The length of the forward jump must be two and backward jump one and the cost of the jump is the value of the element from which you are jumping.

Both the problems were doable.

Also, there were 10 MCQ type questions based on OOPs, Operating System, Networking, and DBMS.

After 6 days, the results were announced and out of 106 candidates, 11 got shortlisted for the next stage.

Stage 2: All the interviews were held remotely using the Skype Business Meeting App.

Round 1 (Technical Interview): The time slot given to everyone was 45 minutes. Mine extended up to 1 hour. I was asked to summarize my résumé and rate my C/C++ programming skills on a scale of 10. I was then asked to share my screen and open notepad and answer the following questions:

  1. Swap two variables without using a third variable.
  2. What is a palindrome? Write a pseudo code for checking if a string is palindrome or not.
  3. What is an Armstrong number? Write pseudocode to check and explain it.
  4. Calculate a + b without using the ‘+’ operator? (I was not able to answer this.)  Ans: – (- a – b)
  5. What is auto is C/C++?
  6. What is Inheritance?
  7. What is the Greedy Algorithm?
  8. What is Dynamic Programming?
  9. One puzzle: There are 4 people and 1 torch. They have to cross a bridge, given all four of them have different speeds- 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 8 minutes. Only two can cross the bridge at a time, their total time being the maximum of the two times, and they must have the torch. What is the minimum time required for all four to reach the other end given moving back and forth is allowed? (I was struggling with it, so he tried to help and we both came down to the solution together)

After this, I was asked if I had any questions for him. I asked:

  1. About his technical works at Deutsche Bank?
  2. He was the VP, so I had asked him if he missed coding.
  3. What Deutsche Bank is expecting from the interns?

After about 2 hours, the results were declared. 7 out of 11 candidates got shortlisted for the next round of interviews.

Round 2 (Professional Fitness Round): Everyone was given a slot of 30 minutes this time. I was asked to summarize my resume here as well. She asked me about my project that was mentioned in my resume. Instead of explaining it to her verbally, I asked her for permission, shared my screen, and showed her the project live. It was software-based. She was deeply impressed. I was asked:

  1. Was it a team project? Who were my teammates?
  2. Out of so many technologies, why did I use this for my project?
  3. Since it was teamwork, if it ever happened that my point of view did not match with my co-members, how would I deal with it?
  4. What is my favorite subject and why?
  5. One puzzle: There are 4 medicines, 3 good, 1 bad. Good ones weigh 10 grams each. Bad one 9 grams. I can measure only once and I have to detect which one is the bad one. (I was not able to answer it properly, but I came up with some solution. She appreciated that I tried to approach it.)

I was then asked if I have any questions for her. I repeated the same:

  1. What Deutsche Bank is expecting from the interns?

After around 2 hours, the results were declared. 5 out of 7 candidates got shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3 (HR Round): Everyone was given a time slot of 20 minutes. I was asked:

  1. To summarize my resume.
  2. What is the most innovative project I have been a part of?
  3. What is the most innovative thing I have done so far?
  4. While working with a team, what difficulties I had faced and what did I learn out of it?
  5. What do I know about Deutsche Bank?
  6. Why do I think I should be chosen as an intern?

Some background checks:

  1. Do any of my relatives work at Deutsche Bank?
  2. What is my nationality?
  3. Do I have a passport, Adhaar card, PAN card, and voter ID?

He asked me if I had any questions, I asked the same question again:

       1.     What Deutsche Bank is expecting from the interns?

After about 2:30 hours I had received an email that I have been offered the internship from Deutsche Bank.

Some important points mentioned by them:

  1. They look for consistency, dedication, versatility in the applicants.
  2. They emphasize a lot on teamwork.

Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2020
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