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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Summer Intern (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 06 Feb, 2023
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Deutsche bank visited our college to hire interns for a summer analyst role in the internship drive.
Its stipend was quite a descent. Doing an internship will add experience and skills to your resume and a particular amount to your pocket. Which will be your own earnings. The Hiring procedure is similar to many companies.

The following Rounds were conducted by the team,
1st round => Technical test (coding + aptitude + CS fundamentals)
2nd round => Technical Interview
3rd round => Pro-fit Interview
4th round => HR interview

Technical Test: It was for 1hr and the pattern was

  • 10 MCQ questions which include aptitude, CS Fundamentals on topics like Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Data Structures & Algorithms (Graphs, Sortings, Heap, Array, etc.,).
  •  2 Coding questions in which the first question is a basic array question and the 2nd one is on bit manipulation. Difficulties of these problems were around 1000 and 1500 according to code forces.  
  • A pupil with Binary knowledge and who solved a decent amount of questions on BIT manipulation can easily do these questions. 

Many of my friend’s solutions were partially accepted due to memory issues.
 They created an array inside every test case, which lead to WA. 

I declared the array globally and took input in every test case and solved the problem. 
12 out of 300+ students qualified for the Coding round including me.

Technical Interview: Questions were asked on OOP, DBMS, and OS like what is Polymorphism, Define Normalization and Define Deadlock. Also asked 2 DSA questions which were very easy, 1st question is to find the first unique element in the array from the left, and the 2nd one is to find the maximum number that can be formed by rearranging the digits of the number. And some questions about Projects mentioned in your resume and achievements.

7 out of 12 were cleared this round including me.

Pro-fit Round: In this round, they asked some basic HR questions including some situation-handling questions like,

  • What will you do if your manager is on leave and your deadline is close?
  • What will you do if you have 3 tasks from 3 different companies and all of them have the same deadline?
  • Any plans for higher studies?
  • What will you do, if we don’t hire you?

I did not clear this round, due to some reasons. 6 out of 7 cleared this round

4. HR Round: In this round, some HR questions were asked to my friends who qualified previous round, you can prepare for the HR round by preparing some questions in google.

4 out of 6 were selected and the remaining 2 were on the waitlist.

Luckily after 3 months, my 2 friends who were on the wait list also got confirmed.

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