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Deloitte Interview Experience (On Campus) 2020

Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2020
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Hello Everyone, Deloitte visited our college(Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore) for 4 profiles in total, out of which one was for the guys having Post Graduates and the other 3 was for the guys completing there in 2021.

The profiles for the guys pursuing were:

  1. Analyst – Deloitte Consulting
  2. Analytics Specialist Assistant – Deloitte Audit Analytics
  3. Technology Analyst- Risk & Financial Advisory

The process had 3 rounds:

Online Test: The online test was held on AMCAT, for the analyst role the test included 3 sections which included Numerical aptitude, logical reasoning, and English. The test for the role of technology analyst had 7 sections in total, which included Numerical aptitude, logical reasoning, English, Java(MCQ) related to oops, SQL, HTML, and computer programming. It was a total MCQ based test which was of around 120 min for the technology analyst profile and 75 minutes for the analyst profile. Around 2700 students appeared for round 1 and about 160 were selected for the analyst profile’s next round, 93 for the analytics specialist assistant, and about 85 for the technology analyst role. I applied for the technical analyst and was through. The key was to maintain the time well and if you get about 80% of the answers correct, you are in.

Face to Face Interview 1: The students selected for the analyst role had a JAM round, they were given a random topic, and they have to speak for 1 min on the topic and then out of the 87 students were selected out of 160. Now coming to the profile of technology analyst for which I appeared, we had been divided into panels and there were two guys who were taking the interviews. So as the interview began, the interviewer started with the resume and got a little interested in one of my projects, so go through your resume very properly and do not miss a single word that you do not know about. Now she gave me a coding question and asked me to write the code, it was prime number using the sieve method like I was asked to write it in the best possible time complexity, and she was happy till this point. Then she started with oops and asked about abstraction, and about the string library and why strings are immutable in java and then about overloading and overriding and then in the last asked few concepts about OS and DBMS. It went quite well and after this, about 33 guys were selected from the 83 guys, and while in the audit role about 29 were selected out of 91.

Face to Face Interview 2: The students who were selected for the analyst profile were interviewed in a managerial way and resume related questions were asked. Now in the technology profile lot of students were asked on their resume as well as about some case studies on their resume. So my interview was the last one in the slot and happened at about 9:30 pm and it took about an hour to complete. Like the interviewer discussed my resume, my projects and then continued with some questions related to my good grades and why I am not interested in doing higher studies, to the cultural differences I had faced moving to Chennai from Haryana and then coming to some case studies related to cybersecurity and also about my project sentimental analysis. He also asked questions like why Deloitte and why you are choosing this company to be the one as many are visiting your institute right now. It was a manager + hr + tech interview. The interview went quite decent and finally, we received another zoom link and there we were told that you have been selected as a technology analyst.

Deloitte took 47 guys in the analyst profile, about 18 guys in the audit, and 24 guys in the technology analyst profile. I was one among the 24. The interviews were quite decent and if you have good knowledge about your projects including good knowledge of oops, DBMS, and os you are 70% in. They were very closely looking towards your communicational skills too as a consultancy.

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