Deloitte Internship Interview Experience

Round 1 This round comprised of the following sections:- Quantitative aptitude, Logical reasoning, verbal ability of 25 marks each. The difficulty level was easy to moderate. However, the catch here was the time limit  and no going back to the previous questions.  Practice from any competitive exam book having these questions. Accuracy along with time management is the key to success here.

Round 2:  The second round was a JAM(just a minute), the students were allotted different topics on the spot and were given 30 seconds to think about the topic and speak on it for next 1-1.5 minutes. Following which a few questions were asked about the topic . In this round your communication skills and awareness about technology were tested. A few topics asked were:-

  1. Which technology do you like?
  2. Can flying cars be a reality?
  3. Is technology helping the students?
  4. Topics related to Entrepreneurship, blockchain technology, AI etc.

For preparation, read about the recent trends in technology.

Round 3: Here comes the interview round . Students were asked about the projects and previous internships (if any) they did. Very Basic questions from OOP or DBMS were asked. In addition to this,   questions from the language mentioned in your CV were also put forth. Knowing languages like JAVA or PYTHON was a plus point.

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