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Cloud Lending Interview Experience | Set 1 (For 2.5 Years Experienced)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2018
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I attended an Interview with Cloud Lending at Bangalore. As they were having requirement in Salesforce so they asked me to have the interview in OOP and DS. Although, I am having 2.5 years of experience in C#.

Round 1: Face to Face interview.
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Rate yourself in DS and OOP and explain why?
3. What the difference and similarity between Array and Linked List?
4. Why we can do random access in Arrays?
5. What are the data structures you have used in your project till now?
6. What is hash table and where we can use them?
7. How the hash table data saved internally in memory?
7. What is time complexity and space complexity in how we calculate them for a algorithm?

Then comes the coding question:
Q 1. Write a program to find a smallest number in the Stack in O(1) time complexity.
– I told her 2 to 3 solution to find the smallest number in O(n) time complexity but not in O(1)

Q 2. Write a program to find the given number( let’s say n) in a tree given below and you need to construct the tree as well according to the number n.
[ The tree root is no. 1. The child of the tree can be formed by adding either 3 or 5 in the parent node.]


She asked me to improve the time complexity about the solution which I told her.

Q 3. Lets say you have all the wiki pages. You need to take all the words present in those wiki pages and save in some data structure in the sorted order.

Gave my best in this round but couldn’t clear it. 🙁

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