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Paytm interview experience | Set 24 (1.5 years experienced)

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I was interviewed at Paytm office, Noida for Backend Developer role in March 2018.

Round 1:
Discussion on current work and projects mentioned in the resume
Given an array of n-2 elements. The range of elements is n and 2 elements are missing. Find them and write a code for the same

Round 2:
What are process and thread. Difference between the two.
Page faults
Scheduling algorithms and their drawback
Hashmap and its implementation. What is collision and what are collision resolution techniques.
Garbage collection.. discussion on how can u implement gc
Design a data structure for fm radio with following two methods:-

  1. play method that takes bandwidth and song name
  2. Most popular song method tells the song played most number of times

Only approach was discussed no code


Round 3.
Current work and tools in which I was involved
Most complex bug
Challenges faced in work
An array of character is given sort it in O(n) and write the code for it

Thank you GeeksForGeeks. I hope this helps other aspirants.

Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2018
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