Vizury Interview Experience | Set 2 (1.5 Years Experienced)


I got contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn for Bangalore location.

Telephonic round (DS and Algorithms) (1 Hour):
1) Print the level order traversal in reverse.
I gave Stack and Queue Solution. Then he asked if I can think in terms of recursion, which I was unable to.
2) Create the ancestor matrix of a tree.
3) Find k largest elements in an unsorted integer array.

It was an easy interview and I got the call that day itself that I will have to go for F2F round at Vizury office.

F2F round (DS and Algorithms) (1 Hour):
I struggled at first to formalize the approach, and finally, Graph + DFS solution. Took about 40-45 mins to explain the approach and code half the solution.
I could not give the most optimal solution although I gave various other algorithms.

Could not clear rounds further.
Note: Both of the interviewers were very bad at giving hints as opposed to general coding interviews.

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