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PayPal Interview Experience for Software Engineer

Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2023
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Since this is an On-campus hiring process, there is no resume short-listing.

Round-1: Online Assessment

  • Hiring Test on the Hackerrank platform. 11 questions, including two coding questions, and the remaining are MCQs. The test duration is 90 minutes.
  • Coding questions are simple DSA and MCQs are based on C language, JavaScript, and SQL.

Round-2: Technical Interview

  • A simple array problem is asked. After solving that, implementation of heaps and simple questions on heaps are asked. The time complexities of both problems were discussed.

Round-3: Behavioural Interview(Final One)

  • Started with the question Tell me about yourself. Asked to explain projects, a question on types of databases was asked.
  • They asked about technologies like AWS. They asked what could be the new features you will add to Instagram.
  • They also asked why Paypal and how you rate yourself.

Overall Experience

  • With proper preparation, it’s easy to crack a Paypal interview. I was rejected after the final round(due to lack of preparation), but it’s still a nice experience. The interviewers are friendly, and the questions are basic. Be strong with DSA, DBMS, and OOPs fundamentals, and be prepared for common behavioral interview questions.

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