Cisco Recruitment | On-campus

Round 1:

2 coding questions and some basic aptitude and Gate level questions
2. The second question was a String question which was an easy level question.
95 students were shortlisted.

Round 2(Managerial Round):
Basic tell me about yourself.
difference between TCP and UDP
Explain traceRoute
explain ICMP
IP header
Real-life situations where TCP and UDP are used.
Explain Sliding window protocol
Some situational questions

Round 3(Technical):
1. Reverse a Linked List
2. Return the last bit of a number
3. Given a number, extract bits from an m position to n position and convert it into decimal
4. find the middle element in a Linked List
5. Find the nth node from the last in a Linked List using only one traversal.
6. Fragmentation in IP packets
7. Explain TTL
8. The default value of TTL
9. IP header
10. Different forms of Inter-Process Communication
11. In a Doubly Linked List store both the next and pre-address at the same memory locations (use Xor Linked List).
12. Some basic error finding questions related to pointers.

Round 4(Technical):
1. Explain one of your projects.
2. Basic C questions like malloc, calloc, volatile keyword, etc.
3. Implementation of Hashmap, HashSet, Hash-Bucket.
4. The language that you prefer to code
5. If you have ever worked on Linux
6. How comfortable with pointers

Round 5(HR):
1. Go through your resume
2. If you are okay re-allocating to Banglore
3. if you are available for a 6-months internship(which is compulsory in our college).
In the end, 7 of us were shortlisted for two profiles i.e. CX and engg.
GFG, Interview Bit

Know your basics well. They do not test you for advance knowledge but well and clear you are with your basic concepts.
Be honest about what you know and don’t know
Do not make random guesses. And even if you are doing so, clearly state that it’s a guess.
 Be well versed of your resume.
Be confident about your projects. However good you are with your technical knowledge, if you cannot defend your projects everything goes back to zero. So be very thorough about it.
Have confidence, be comfortable with the interviewer.
Study DSA, OOPS, CN and OS well.
Be well versed with Linked List, Bit manipulation and pointers.

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