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Cisco Internship Interview (On Campus)

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2018
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Cisco Systems came to our campus for hiring interns for the position of software developers.
They first conducted an online test to shortlist the candidates.The online test consisted of 50 MCQ’s that had to be solved in a time of 60 minutes.The MCQ’s are easy but that makes qualifying a little more difficult because everyone solves a good amount of them.Speed is of primary importance here.Never waste more than a minute or two on any question.The questions are based on topics like output of c programs, pointer arithmetic, general aptitude(a lot of these), OS, Networking, a few(around 5) questions from ECE etc.
Following the shortlisting, a total of 4 interview rounds were conducted for each candidate.

Round 1 :- This is the resume review round where they ask you all the questions about your resume and projects.I had a few Web Dev projects so i was asked the detailed steps to deploy a web site.They then asked about Reverse Proxy, Forward Proxy etc.I was asked about basic concepts of networking like subnetsting, supernetting etc.They asked how i would setup a network for my home and an office if required.What steps would be taken to ensure that the networks were safe.They asked about a few networking devices like routers, switches, bridges, etc. The round ended with a them asking me to design a linkedin profile improvement recommendation system(I had a github profile analysis system in my resume).

Round 2 :- This round is a technical round.I was asked to write the code for merge sort, heap sort and quick sort and give one instance in real life where i would prefer using each over the other.I was then asked a few DBMS queries involving fetching selected data from databases.Following this, they asked me to design REDIS servers that companies like twitter use and also why they use it. I was then asked about the authentication mechanisms used by facebook and google. The last question was about how facebook stores the large amount of data it has and whether or not they use any particular caching mechanism (and if yes, which mechanism) on their distributed servers to improve user experience.

Round 3 :- This round is again a technical round and involves coding questions.The questions are easy but make sure you write clean code and also include plenty of comments in your code.They give a lot of importance to your coding style.The questions asked were :-
1) Find nth element from the end of a linked list in a single traversal.
2) Find whether a given tree is a sub-tree of another.
3) Perform an in-place removal of all the spaces in a string.
4) Design an efficient hash function minimising the collisions that can occur.
You should try and get all of these right.Make sure the suggested methods are optimal ones(both space and time).

Round 4 :- This is the HR round.If you get through till this round, there’s a 99.9% chance you’re going to get selected.They ask you about your work place and time preference, whether you have any doubts about the company or the work environment, a little about your family, your interests, etc.

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