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Cisco Interview Experience | Set 12

Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2021
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Round 1- (Written) 

There were 50 MCQ questions including aptitude, technical portions. Aptitude part was more dominant with approximately 35 questions & almost 15 technical questions. These questions covered following topics :- 

– Quantitative aptitude (relative speed, distance topic had 4-5 questions & rest 1-2 question from each topic). Questions were not very difficult but were tricky . 

– English – Questions containing Paragraph of 4-5 lines. We have to select the best suited summary / heading/ meaning/ conveyed message for above . Atmost 4 questions were from this category. 

Technical aptitude – Questions from computer networks (4-5 questions) , operating system( semaphore , deadlock) 2-3 questions , rest questions from microprocessor , FET & other electronics topic. 

Tips :- Time management plays crucial role in this round. 
Aptitude questions were logical & complex calculations were not required. 

Round 2-(Technical Interview) 

1) Given a string, reverse it.. Firstly, i told an O(n) approach then reduced it to O(n/2). This was just ice breaking question very easy. 

2) List all Permutation of a String. Approach & code. 

3) You are given huge amount of integer data & a continuous stream of data is coming. How will you find kth largest element always. 

At first i started with quick select , then was asked to think better. Then, my next approach was taking an amount of data like 10MB always & using Merge Sort to sort the large amount of data. But then i realized it could be made better by using priority queue of size k. So, i gave them this approach of taking k size priority queue & every time an element greater than the smallest element in the queue comes we replace it by new element. They were satisfied with this approach. 

4)Projects – 
Many questions were asked on my projects. Few situations were given & I was supposed to do some modification on one of my project database to handle these situations. 
Other project related technical questions were asked . 
Why have you used a particular technology / DB in a project . 

5)Find a missing no. From n-1 given no. Where numbers are in range 1 to n. 

6) Above question was extended to finding 2 missing numbers. 

7) Puzzle 
1 1 1 
2 2 2 
3 3 3 
4 4 4 
5 5 5 
6 6 6 

This is given. Make rows equal to 6 using any operators in between numbers. Example – 2+2+2=6 using “+” operator. 
Note: Not all rows can be made to 6 , you must be able to tell this 1 1 1 can’t be done.. 
3 * 3 – 3 = 6 & so on. 

8) How will you handle a situation when 1 of the team member is not performing their task. 

9) What will be your approach when you are put in a running project & a fresh project. 

10) What the basic features one need to keep in mind while starting the development of an e-comm. website. (One of my project was on e-commerse website may be thats why this approach was asked). 

11) Explain archeitecture of your projects. 
For this question, be prepared with various flow diagram, dfd, class diagram , & also basic block diagram of your projects. 

12) Do you have any question? 

Tips:- Have your basics strong & clear. 
Pay attention on improving Data-Structures & Algorithms
One must have a clarity on projects. 
Most importantly, be clam , humble & polite. Interviewers are mostly helpful. 
Be a good Listener, understand the question first & ask valid doubts. 

Round 3- ( Managerial Round) 

1) Why cisco? 
2) What are your future plans related with further studies? 
3) (If you have any experience), why you left your previous job? 
4) How can we trust you with this job since you had quit your previous job also? 
5) What do you know about work culture at cisco? 
6) Have you faced any situation where your team member were not cooperating? 
8) Do you have any questions? 

Round 4- ( HR ) 

1) Introduce yourself? 
2) How will you define yourself in 1 word? 
3) What are your big achievements professionally & personally? 
4) What is the 1 thing that you want to improve in yourself? 
5) What is your worst decision till date? 
6) Do you have any Location constraints? 
7) Do you have any questions? 

Tips:- Know yourself before any interview. 
Be calm & answer politely. 

Thank you GeeksforGeeks for your wonderful archives, without which this would be very difficult. GeeksforGeeks have contributed immensely in increasing my knowledge & improving my skills. Thank You Geeks team. 




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