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The State Legislative Assembly (Vidhan sabha) is a legislative body in the states and union territories of India, It is responsible to legislate laws for… Read More
Popular Struggles and Movements Class 10 Notes explores the concept of popular struggles and movements and their role in shaping democracy. It discusses how pressure… Read More
First Amendment Act, of 1951 After the Independence of India in 1947, the First Amendment was enacted by the Parliament of India to the Constitution… Read More
In the year of 1966, Indian Government amended “Article 3” of the Indian constitution, which is officially known as The Constitution (Eighteenth Amendment) Act, 1966.… Read More
The Constitution of India’s Fourteenth Amendment, officially known as the Constitution (Fourteenth Amendment) Act, 1962, established Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Manipur, Daman and Diu, and… Read More
The full form of JPC is Joint Parliamentary Committee. In a parliamentary system of government, the Parliament or the legislature appoints committees to examine laws,… Read More
Article 15 of the Indian Constitution is a crucial provision that prohibits discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth.… Read More
In 1975, the Chief Minister of Sikkim requested the Indian Parliament to make Sikkim a state of India. After conducting a referendum, where 97.5% of… Read More
The Panchayati Raj system is an Indian decentralised form of local self-government that attempts to deliver democracy to the people. The word “Panchayati Raj” literally… Read More
Article 16 of the Constitution of India, states that equality for all employment opportunities for the citizens of the country without making any discrimination based… Read More
The constitution of India provides the same pattern of government in the states as that for the Centre. As it is the indispensable demand of… Read More
What is Gram Panchayat?  Gram Panchayat is a local body of government to manage the various responsibility of villages. Gram Panchayat is the smallest form… Read More
What is Panchayati Raj? Panchayati Raj is a system of rural self-government whose main purpose is to develop rural self-governments in various districts and villages. … Read More
The Economic Weaker Section refers to individuals or groups of people who have a lower standard of living, limited access to resources, and less economic… Read More
Article 22 of the Indian Constitution deals with the protection of arrested persons. This article lays down the rights of arrested persons and the procedures… Read More