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Top 10 Countries with the Highest Crime Rate

Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2024
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List of Top 10 Countries with the Highest Crime Rate: The top 10 countries with the highest crime rate are – Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Haiti, South Africa Honduras, Trinidad, Tobago, Syria, Yemen, and Jamaica. The list of countries ranked according to the crime index based on the crimes committed in these countries.

Crime rates vary significantly across the globe, influenced by a multitude of socio-economic, political, and cultural factors. Understanding the prevalence of crime in different countries is crucial for policymakers, law enforcement agencies, and citizens alike. By examining data on crime rates, we can identify regions facing significant challenges in maintaining public safety and explore potential underlying causes.

In this article, we have provided the list of countries with the highest crime rate, along with the crime index of the country.


Highest Crime Rate Countries

About the Countries with the Highest Crime Rate

The overall crime rate is calculated by dividing the total number of reported crimes by the total population and then multiplying the result by 100,000. Crime rates vary from country to country and are influenced by many factors. For example, high poverty levels and unemployment tend to increase a country’s crime rate. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 countries with the highest crime rates, bringing light on the challenges they face and the efforts being made to address them by some of the countries.

List of Top 10 Highest Crime Countries in the World

The following are the top 10 countries with the highest crime rates in the world in the year 2024 according to their crime index.


Crime Index



Papua New Guinea






South Africa




Trinidad and Tobago








Country with the Highest Crime Rate – Venezuela

Venezuela has a crime index of approximately 83.76, the highest of any country in the world. The main causes are discussed below.

  • The U.S. Department of State has issued that it is unsafe to travel to the country.
  • Venezuela’s high crime rates have been held responsible for reasons including government corruption, a flawed judicial system, the breakdown of the Rule of Law, and factors like economic and political instability.
  • Caracas, the capital, has faced issues such as robbery, kidnapping, and street violence. Efforts are being made to improve law enforcement and community safety.

Country with the Second Highest Crime Rate – Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, violent crime is mainly caused by social, economic, and political changes. The most common crime in Papua New Guinea is violent crimes such as sexual assault, carjacking, and murder.

  • Raskol gangs participate in small and large-scale criminal activity and consist mainly of members with low education and fewer employment opportunities.
  • Organized crime like corruption is also common in major cities and largely contributes to the high crime rate.
  • Another factor is the geography of Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea has large mountains and it is covered with many tropical rainforests. These geographical conditions are favourable for drug and human trafficking crimes. Authorities are working towards their justice system to face these challenges.

Country with the Third Highest Crime Rate – Afghanistan

Afghanistan has the third-highest crime rate. According to the 2023 World Population Review report in 2023, for every 100,000 people in Afghanistan, more than 76 crimes are committed.

  • Crime is present in various forms, including corruption, assassinations, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and money laundering.
  • Unemployment is one of the major factors for many of the country’s crimes, such as robbery and assault.
  • Ongoing conflicts and political instability highly contribute to high crime rates in Afghanistan. Efforts are being made to establish a stable government and strengthen law enforcement to combat crime effectively.

Country with the Fourth Highest Crime Rate – Haiti

Haiti has the fourth-highest crime rate in the world. It has dealt with issues such as high rates of poverty, political instability, and the aftermath of natural disasters, which contributed to certain crime challenges.

  • Common crimes reported in Haiti include petty theft, armed robbery, and, at times, kidnappings. Urban areas, including the capital city of Port-au-Prince, have experienced higher crime rates compared to rural areas.
  • In 2021, 1,489 people died as a result of intentional homicide in Haiti. The next year, in 2022, the number of victims had reached 2,088, the highest murder count at least since 2010.
  • Corruption is a severe problem at all levels of government in Haiti.

Country with the Fifth Highest Crime Rate – South Africa

South Africa has the fifth-highest crime rate in the world. South Africa has a very high rate of assaults, rape, homicides, and other violent crimes.

  • This has been held responsible for several factors, including high levels of poverty, inequality, unemployment, social exclusion, and many acts of violence. South Africa has one of the highest rape rates in the world.
  • There were 27,494 killings in South Africa in the year to February 2023, compared with 16,213 in 2012-2013. South Africa’s homicide rate in 2022-2023 was 45 per 100,000 people, compared with a rate of 6.3 in the United States and around 1 in most European countries.
  • The high number of men surveyed by the South African Medical Research Council admitted to committing rape.

Country with the Sixth Highest Crime Rate – Honduras

With a crime index of 74.54, Honduras ranks sixth in the world in terms of crime rate. The main issue in Honduras is corruption and violent crimes.

  • Weak institutions and corruption led to powerful criminal organizations, from drug traffickers to street gangs, that made Honduras Central America’s most violent country.
  • Honduras’s most violent crime was in 2012, when the country experienced about 20 homicides per day, mainly carried out by gangs such as Barrio 18 or Mara Salvatrucha.
  • Honduras is also considered to be a major drug route to the United States. The U.S. Department of State has issued that travelers should reconsider visiting the country.

Country with the Seventh Highest Crime Rate – Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago has the seventh-highest crime rate in the world.

  • The government faces several challenges in its efforts to reduce crime, like bureaucratic resistance to change, drugs, economic recession, and an overburdened legal system.
  • There is a great demand for illegal weapons in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Trinidad and Tobago has a Level 2 travel advisory, meaning that travelers should exercise increased caution. Visitors are mainly victims of pickpocketing, theft, and fraud.

Country with the Eighth Highest Crime Rate – Syria

In 2023, Syrians endured much abuse and hardship due to the conflict, worsening economic conditions, and general insecurity.

  • The United Nations estimated that, for the first time since the start of the conflict, Syrians in every sub-district of the country experienced some degree of “humanitarian stress” leading to an increase in crime.
  • The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) revealed that 72 civilians were killed in Syria in January 2024, including 18 children and 10 women as well as five individuals who died due to torture. As a result, Syria has gained eighth rank in global crime.

Country with the Ninth Highest Crime Rate – Yemen

Yemen is the ninth most crime country. The main causes are written below. Intentional homicides are committed as a result of domestic disputes, violence, violent conflicts over land resources, intergang violence over turf or control, and killing by armed groups.

  • Law enforcement in the country is very poor, and both the police and the government in Yemen are said to be unworthy of trust.
  • Prostitution is a significant and growing issue in Yemen. The punishment for prostitution in the country is three years of imprisonment, but it is overcome by corruption. The government is assigning its efforts to the War on Terror, but the issue of prostitution is ignored.
  • The homicide rate increased over several years. Individuals or small groups usually commit homicide, whereas killing in armed conflict is also common.

Country with the Tenth Highest Crime Rate – Jamaica

At the end of the top ten list of countries with the highest crime rates is Jamaica.

  • Jamaica is plagued by government corruption, gang activity, and high levels of violent crime, including sexual assault.
  • The U.S. Overseas Security Advisory Council describes that the Jamaican police force is understaffed and possesses limited resources.
  • Jamaica deals with high crime rates, particularly in urban areas, driven by factors like gang activity and drug trafficking.

Conclusion- Top 10 Countries with the Highest Crime Rate

Crime rates are influenced by several factors, such as poverty, unemployment, and law enforcement strictness. Countries like Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa have high crime rates due to issues like corruption, economic changes, and social challenges. There are low crime rates in countries like Switzerland and Japan due to effective law enforcement and restrictive gun laws. To solve the Problem of a country having High Crime Rates, it is very important to know about the causes that lead to an increase in crime index values such as poverty, inequality, and political instability. Law enforcement also plays a vital role in lowering the crime index of a country. The government of a country should take appropriate measures to create a safe and secure community for its citizens.

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FAQs on Top 10 Countries with the Highest Crime Rate

What is the rank of India in Crime Rate?

India has 83rd rank which is very low compared to many countries in the world. India has a stable ruling system and being a democratic country is a major factor in the loss of criminal activities.

Which country in the world has the highest crime rate?

Venezuela has a crime index of approx 83.76, the highest of any country in the world. Caracas, the capital, has faced issues such as robbery, kidnapping, and street violence.

What is the Crime Index?

The Crime Index contains a compilation of the volume and rate of violent and property crime offenses for the nation and by state. Data at the level of local law enforcement agencies is also provided for those agencies that supply the FBI with 12 months of complete offence data.

Which is the Safest Country in Asia?

Singapore, When it comes to the safest countries in Asia, Singapore proudly claims the top spot, as declared by the Global Peace Index. A captivating mosaic of cultures, this city-state secures its position as one of the best countries to visit in Asia year after year.

Which is the Zero-Crime Country?

Iceland, Famed for its tight-knit communities and very low crime rates, it’s one of the safest countries to visit. It offers a safe environment where residents enjoy low violent crime and theft levels.

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