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Introduction : SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is a non-procedural language, so the Optimizer is free to merge, reorganize and process in any order.… Read More
In Cassandra, CQL(Cassandra Query Language) has two partitions as follows – Single-Row Partitions Multi-Row Partitions Single-Row Partitions :In Cassandra, the primary key represents a unique… Read More
Whenever any value is passed to the variable or column of character data type, the string value has single quotes(”) around them otherwise it will… Read More
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CURRENT_USER() function :This function in SQL Server is used to return the current user’s name in the database of SQL Server in use. Features :… Read More
SQL is a Structured Query Language which is a computer language for storing, manipulating, and retrieving data stored in a relational database. SQL is the… Read More
LENGTH() : This function in MySQL is used to find the string length which is of type bytes. Features : This function is used to… Read More
MySQL Date Data Type : There are various data types that are supported in MySQL. Among them sometimes we need to take DATE data type… Read More
In this age of technological advancement, Data is considered to be the new oil.  With this, there is an increase in the necessity of people… Read More
As the name suggests, the auto-commit statement is used to avoid the explicit mention of the commit command after each SQL statement. The commit statement… Read More
CASE() function in MySQL is used to find a value by passing over conditions whenever any condition satisfies the given statement otherwise it returns the… Read More
SECOND() function in MySQL is used to return the second portion of a specified time or date-time value. The first parameter in this function will… Read More
ON DELETE CASCADE constraint is used in MySQL to delete the rows from the child table automatically, when the rows from the parent table are… Read More
There are various databases that have huge collections of data, and we know that the data is arranged in an organized manner. The data present… Read More