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Hello everyone! Recently I sat for an on-campus internship recruiting process of Amazon. The process consisted of a written round followed by two face to… Read More
The written round was relatively easy. It contained 20 multiple choice questions on basic c, algorithms and finite automata. Some questions from OS and networking… Read More
Questions asked in Amazon Interview. Round 2: Written 1. Find the SQRT of a number. 2. Simulate Reversed level order traversal. Three F2Fs. F2F 1:… Read More
First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the entire GeeksforGeeks team for creating and maintaining such an awesome site. GeeksforGeeks has tremendously helped… Read More
Following questions were asked during interview. 1. Given an array, find the longest increasing subsequence of size 3 with max product, all numbers are positive.… Read More
I would like to thank the entire Geeksforgeeks team, whose contribution has helped me a lot in my preparation for the interviews and getting placed… Read More
The first round had 20 multiple choice questions covering C programming, Data structures, Algorithms, Maths and puzzles, and a question from Networking and Operating systems.… Read More
Phone screen – I 1. Fibonacci series without using an array – this is a typical favorite question w.r.t. Dynamic Programming where you will asked… Read More
EA India has been on a hiring spree lately. (Yes, we do keep track) It has staffed 500+ employees in it’s Hyderabad Office which is… Read More
20 Objective type questions (Technical: OS, Java, Networking) and 2 programs. Time given was 90 minutes.  1) Longest Remaining Time Scheduling  2) Threads  3) subnetmask… Read More
Oracle Interview-Server Tech. ========== Round 1: ========== 1. Explain Tree traversals. Given a inorder and postorder construct a tree 2. What is fork? How many… Read More
Pradeep Verma calls himself just one of those Indian kids but Amazon usually doesn’t recruit every other kid out there. Pradeep did his internship at… Read More
Cisco Interview Process: Round 1: 50 MCQs Duration: 1 hr 20 – Math Aptitude. 30 – Technical Technical part included questions from Computer organization, Some… Read More
I recently attended the walk-in process for Amazon Off campus recruitment drive. This was for SDE position at Chennai. I would like to share my… Read More
Written Test: 10 Aptitude 30 Programming 10 CS Fundamentals There’s negative marking, plus there’s sectional cutoff, so you have to be very careful, and risky… Read More