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Category Archives: Kotlin

Before Android 13 when any android application want to use any wifi related feature within the android application. We have to provide users with fine… Read More
Quick Settings tile is a quick setting that is present in the android device notification bar from where we can easily enable and disable the… Read More
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An Android SeekBar is a user interface element that allows the user to adjust a value within a specific range by dragging a thumb along… Read More
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In the previous article, we have seen How to Add Data to Firebase Firestore in Android, How to read the data from Firebase Firestore in… Read More
WebView allows you to display web content in your activity layout or Fragment but lacks some of the features of fully-developed browsers. A WebView is… Read More
Jetpack Compose is a new UI toolkit from Google used to create native Android UI. It speeds up and simplifies UI development using less code,… Read More
Android Operating System offers several storage methods to save your app data and images, audio files, docs, etc. App-specific storage: It only stores the data… Read More
Wordle is a famous game in which we have to guess a specific word from the given suggestions. We can get to know the length… Read More
Firebase is a famous backend service provider of Google which is used to create and manage databases that are required while creating an android application.… Read More
Converting a website into an application seems like a basic task to do on Android. With the help of WebView, we can show any webpage… Read More
To push notification to a particular device, the sender either needs the user’s device FCM token or the user should subscribe to a particular topic.… Read More

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