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Kotlin is a programming language which brings all the powers of modern programming languages to android development. In this article, we will discuss about it’s… Read More
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Interfaces are custom types provided by Kotlin that cannot be instantiated directly. Instead, these define a form of behavior that the implementing types have to… Read More
In Kotlin, visibility modifiers are used to restrict the accessibility of Classes, objects, interfaces, constructors, functions, properties and their setters to a certain level. No… Read More
Kotlin gives the programmer the ability to add more functionality to the existing classes, by without inheriting them. This is achieved through a feature known… Read More
Inheritance is one of the important features in object-oriented programming. Inheritance enables code re-usability, it allows to inherit the features from an existing class(base class)… Read More
In Kotlin, abstract class is declared using the abstract keyword in front of class. An abstract class can not instantiated means we can not create… Read More
Nested Class A class is declared within another class then it is called a nested class. By default nested class is static so we can… Read More
A constructor is a special member function that is invoked when an object of the class is created primarily to initialize variables or properties. A… Read More
Kotlin supports both functional and object-oriented programming. In previous articles, we have learned about functions, higher-order functions and lambdas which represents Kotlin as a functional… Read More