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Tag Archives: Kotlin Collections

The arrayList() is function of Kotlin ArrayList class, which is used to create a new ArrayList. ArrayList is mutable which means that we can modify… Read More
In Kotlin, hashMapOf() is used to create hash maps in data structure in kotlin. HashMap is a class which stores hashmaps and to initialize its… Read More
Kotlin MutableMap is an interface of collection frameworks which contains objects in the form of keys and values. It allows the user to efficiently retrieve… Read More
In Kotlin, mutableListOf() method is used to instantiate MutableList Interface. MutableList class is used to create mutable lists in which the elements can be added… Read More
The Kotlin standard library helps in grouping collection elements with the help of extension functions. Grouping means collecting items by category. Here, we have a… Read More
Kotlin provides extension functions for retrieving collection parts. A member function defined outside the class is called an extension function. These extension functions can provide… Read More
Kotlin Collections allows to retrieve single elements with respect to different conditions. It totally depends on what kind of Collection is used to store the… Read More
Collection Write operations are used to change the content of MutableCollection. MutableCollection is defined as the Collection with write operations like add and remove. Operations… Read More
Aggregate operation is an operation that is performed on a data structure, such as an array, as a whole rather than performed on an individual… Read More
Kotlin standard library provides different set of extension functions for collection transformations. These functions help in building new collections from existing collections based on the… Read More
The Kotlin standard library provides a wide range of functions for performing operations on collections. It includes simple operations like getting or adding elements and… Read More
Kotlin HashSet is a generic unordered collection of elements and it does not contain duplicate elements. It implements the set interface. hashSetOf() is a function… Read More
Kotlin HashMap is a collection which contains pairs of object. Kotlin Hash Table based implementation of the MutableMap interface. It stores the data in the… Read More
Kotlin map is a collection which contains pairs of objects. Map holds the data in the form of pairs which consists of a key and… Read More
Kotlin Set interface is a generic unordered collection of elements and it does not contain duplicate elements. Kotlin supports two types of sets mutable and… Read More