Puzzle | Camels and Travelers

In a desert there are some camels and some travelers. How many camels and travelers are there if both the following statements are TRUE?

  1. If each traveler sit on the camel, one traveler doesn’t get a camel.
  2. If two traveler share each camel there is one camel left out.


Camels-> 3
Travelers-> 4

As we saw in statement 1, there is a condition that one traveler doesn’t get a camel state that camels is one less than the travelers.
And in statement 2 there is a condition that two travelers share each camel state that traveler must be an even number. So the following cases occur:
1. States that the number of camels is equivalent to the number of travelers minus one.

    camels = travellers - 1    ------(1) 

2. States that the number of camels is going to be equal to half the traveller(because two are on each camel)plus one leftover.

     (travellers/2)+1 = camels  -----(2)

If we solve above two equations we get the result.

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