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BrowserStack Interview Experience | Set 5 (Fresher)

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First Round(Telephonic)
Two questions of coding. They were easy to program. A link was shared on my email of google docs.
Questions were :-
1. Return an array of fibonacci sequence

2. String to number mapping is given find the smallest mapping of number.
for ex. 1=>a, 2=>b , 3=>c ……………
input is 234
find the smallest corresponding to it
brute force solution was required

Second round of interview(Telephonic)
1. Basic questions on projects and resume.
2. Basic questions on sql and table like find seconod set of top 10 elements in a table

Third round
Three questions were asked which were tough to handle
1. HTML parser
2. SQL parser
3. forgot but something on parser

HTML parser
A long file was given and we have to find the given html response code and the count of the code in the file

SQL parser
A long file with data about the table formats and the entry in the tables with sql queries to extract the rows count from them that satisfy the criterion

Python language will help you to implement the questions easily. (A suggestion)

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Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2015
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