Betsol On-Campus Interview Experience

Betsol 2018 visited campus in November
Round 1: Online test

24 MCQ’s on DB, OS and C/C++ tricky questions. The platform had Good UI. No coding. 80 took the test, ~40 got shortlisted.

Round 2: Group Discussion

4 Batches of GD. Generic topic but some were very cringy[“marriage is necessary?”]. They expect you to talk sensible stuff and test how well you sell yourself. Our group had “Be gentle to catch the bird”,   none of us knew the actual meaning so everyone gave their views. I, on the other hand,  kept quiet until the discussion ended. Then is start-off with, “Ok its time to catch the bird…” and nailed it. 22 were shortlisted for next round.

Round 3: Technical 1 | Duration 45 Min

Internship role and outcome.
One puzzle on area of the n’th square formed by connecting the mid-points of parent square. Basically, half the area each time.
Neat and detailed discussion on the projects mentioned on the resume. I had mentioned UI/Front-end role on the resume.
Simple javascript code to generate table. Followed by an explanation on approach.
CSS3 flex-box property discussion.
Coding question without time-complexity.
How many footballs can you fit in a Suzuki Swift car?
Proudest moment of good deed question.
10 got shortlisted for next round.

Round 4: Technical 2 | Duration 1hr 10min

Discussion on every project mentioned on the resume. The architecture of the applications client/server management was discussed in detail on a chat-bot I built.
Paper-based coding question: Program to check if two strings are anagrams. . I gave a very optimized solution that would asymptotically solve in O(N) time using hashmap of the character using bucket frequency technique. If bucket(hashmap) is empty then anagrams.
SCSS advantages of pre-processing. Variables and Nested attributes in SCSS.
Without using temp variable swap numbers=> Python mapping and Bit-manipulation, both solution was answered.
Checked my CodePen and GitHub. Checked my deployed applications on the cloud.(20 min)
React.js discussion. Philosophy and why react?
React.js code to display list-view from a JSON with an element active.
Right view of a binary tree question was asked but due to time constraint was skipped.
8 got shortlisted for next round.

Round 5: Managerial | Duration 20 min

A walk to the office pantry to have coffee and general discussion on the way. It was a trap to test interacting qualities.
Do you have any questions for me? “A few”.
Solve a UI/UX problem for a Bestsol. Features and design.
Discussion on how Google captcha[‘I’m not a robot’] works browsers.
Basic Object-Oriented design problem’s abstract.

Round 6: HR | Duration 10min

Typical HR questions.
Tell me about yourself(Asked in all the above rounds).
Your strength and Weakness.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Be confident. Be strong at your soft-skills. Be thorough with your resume. Not much of coding question 🙁 
Finally, after 11 hrs of Interview, they offered 5 people jobs and I was one among them.
Take snickers, you will need them!

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