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Betsol Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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Betsol visited our campus in August 2021. Around 200 students were shortlisted for the selection process.

Round 1(MCQs): 40 MCQs related to CN OS and DBMS along with a couple of aptitudes were asked. 30 minutes were given to solve these questions.

Results were given provided on the same day. 80 students were shortlisted.

Round 2(Group Discussion): The discussion lasted for 15 minutes.

  • General topics were asked. Mine was ‘Does Social Media really Connect People’.
  • The panelist selected candidates based on communication skills and people skills rather than the arguments.
  • This round is conducted to basically check if you get well along with the team.

40 students cleared this round.

Round 3(Technical Interview 1): This round lasted for 30-45 minutes.

  • The interviewer asked questions on data structures especially linked lists and hashtables.
  • I was asked to solve 2 sum problem using dynamic programming.
  • A couple of questions were asked on my projects.
  • Candidates with an internship on their resumes were given higher priority.

20 students cleared this round.

Round 4(Technical Interview 2): This round lasted for 30 minutes.

  • I was asked a few questions on python and later the interviewer asked me to choose any core subject I was comfortable with. I chose DBMS.
  • He asked me to write a query to find the 5th highest salary.
  • An in-depth discussion on all the normal forms was done. He asked me about the DML compiler and its significance.
  • A couple of questions on read-write locks. He did not ask me to code a program. I was able to answer all the questions.

13 students cleared this interview.

Round 5(HR Interview): This round lasted for 15 minutes. It was more of a formality. I was asked about my passions, interests, and the technologies I am familiar with.

All 13 students cleared the round.

Verdict: Selected

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