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Given two numbers ‘num’ and ‘divisor’, find remainder when ‘num’ is divided by ‘divisor’. The use of modulo or % operator is not allowed.Examples : … Read More
The following propositional statement is (P → (Q v R)) → ((P ^ Q) → R) (A) satisfiable but not valid (B) valid (C) a… Read More
Deque or Double Ended Queue is a generalized version of Queue data structure that allows insert and delete at both ends. Operations on Deque: Mainly… Read More
Given three arrays sorted in non-decreasing order, print all common elements in these arrays. Examples:  Input: ar1[] = {1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80} ar2[] = {6,… Read More
Assume that the operators +, -, × are left associative and ^ is right associative. The order of precedence (from highest to lowest) is ^,… Read More
How many 8-bit characters can be transmitted per second over a 9600 baud serial communication link using asynchronous mode of transmission with one start bit,… Read More
Recently Microsoft research india invited application for internship.They shortlisted based on CV (projects related to your topic of interest and CGPA). After shortlisting I had… Read More
Approach: 1. Put all input integers to hashmap’s key 2. Print keySet outside the loop Java import java.util.HashMap; public class UniqueInArray2 {        public static… Read More
Consider the following data path of a CPU. The, ALU, the bus and all the registers in the data path are of identical size. All… Read More
Which one of the following graphs is NOT planar? (A) G1 (B) G2 (C) G3 (D) G4 Answer: (A) Explanation: A graph is planar if… Read More
Let R and S be any two equivalence relations on a non-empty set A. Which one of the following statements is TRUE? (A) R ∪… Read More
Given a positive integer n, write a function to compute sum of the series 1/1! + 1/2! + .. + 1/n!A Simple Solution solution is… Read More
Consider the data given in above question. Consider the correct spanning tree for the previous question. Let host H1 send out a broadcast ping packet.… Read More
ROUND-1 Written test-including 10 basic aptitude questions, 10 questions of C and 2 Coding Questions. –Design data structure to implement sparse matrix. –One bit manupulation… Read More
Consider the following translation scheme. S → ER R → *E{print(“*”);}R | ε E → F + E {print(“+”);} | F F → (S) |… Read More
Which of the following is an advantage of putting presentation information in a separate CSS file rather than in HTML itself? (A) The content becomes… Read More
Question Source: Aricent Interview Although both expressions can be used to create a variable to store one character, there are following differences. 1) “char a”… Read More
Given a string, remove all spaces from it. For example “g e e k” should be converted to “geek” and ” g e ” should… Read More
1) Tell me about yourself. 2) About projects, role in project. 3) Why do you want to join Infosys? 4) Strategy to handle major project… Read More
Output of C++ program? #include <iostream> int const s=9; int main() {     std::cout << s;     return 0; } Contributed by Pravasi Meet (A) 9 (B)… Read More