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I will begin by giving a brief introduction about myself. I am pursuing my B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering from NIET, Greater Noida and… Read More
Sublime Text is a free minimalist coding editor developed by Sublime HQ for desktop use. This development and IT program enable you to solely focus… Read More
If you want to make your career in cloud computing and your dream job is in the cloud. You must apply for the “AWS Educate… Read More
Knowledge is very important for any individual. People say that “Sharing increases knowledge” which means if you share your knowledge with another person that’ll only… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, the task is to check if it is possible to convert all of array elements to a pronic… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N and an integer K, the task is to print the elements of arr[] whose rightmost set bit is… Read More
Given a string S consisting of lowercase English alphabets, the task is to print the longest word present in the given string in python. Examples:… Read More
When you think about a GIF image, a video is a must convert into a .gif format to an image. For this project, we are… Read More
Network monitoring is using a system (hardware or software) that continuously observes your network and the data flows through it, depending on how the monitoring… Read More
Given a string, the task is to write a Python program to print the last word in that string. Examples: Input: sky is blue in… Read More
Competitive Programming is a mental sport which enables you to code a given problem under provided constraints. The purpose of this article is to guide… Read More
Many times we have seen people, especially students, complaining about how they can’t maintain consistency while doing Coding and solving programming problems. All the excitement… Read More
Given an array arr[] and an integer K, the task is to print the position of the array elements, where the ith value in the… Read More
E-Commerce is a business model that allows to buy and sell goods and services over the internet. It is also known as Electronic Commerce and… Read More
Tayana Software Company came to our college for campus placement.  There was an aptitude test in the first round. They gave MCQ questions related to… Read More
NodeJS is a runtime environment on a V8 engine for executing JavaScript code with some additional functionality that allows the development of fast and scalable… Read More
Do you also feel excited to learn the latest Google technologies? If yes, then there’s an exciting opportunity by Google developers waiting for you. It’s… Read More
Prerequisite : Full Adder in Digital LogicGiven three inputs of Full Adder A, B,C-IN. The task is to implement the Full Adder circuit and Print… Read More
Getting a job in a product-based company might be a dream for every Software Developer. But preparing for their interview process is not so easy… Read More
Many of us unable to showcase our small-scale or personal projects over the web. Since hosting these projects are a bit difficult and also costs… Read More