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Difference between Landing page and Home Page

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1. Landing Page :
Landing page is known as the lead capture page, static page or destination page which is designed for a specific task and it appears because of an online advertisement or a search engine optimization result. When the user arrive on a landing page it is free from all distractions like home page and mainly aims to capture a visitor’s information through that a form and make them feel comfortable that the website has the solution to their problems. It is a special web page which mainly helps to drive traffic for a marketing campaign.

2. Home Page :
Home page is known as the start page or main page of an website. It displays complete view of your company and services with multiple paths for site visitors to take. It includes the navigation bar, sidebar elements, and social media icons etc to take the visitor to the respective page to solve their requirement. When visitors type any website name then the home page opens means it is the first page the visitor visits when entering the website.

Difference between Landing page and Home Page :

01. Landing page is a single web page it appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or any online advertisement. Home page is the initial or the main web page of a website.
02. Landing page has a single action oriented page. Home page has a main page or sub pages.
03. The purpose of landing page is to deliver specific offer. The purpose of home page is to take visitors to other pages.
04. Its content is limited to call to action. Its content is elaborated with all business information.
05. There is almost no or fewer links. There is full of navigation bar.
06. It acts as the front door to the website. It acts as the express ways to the visitors desired destination.
07. It emphasizes one particular offer or topic. It provides an easy to understand overview of the company and what we do.
08. It is built to receive traffic from specific sources. It uses the websites root domain.
09. This page is also called as the lead capture page, static page or destination page. This page is also called as the start page or the main page.
10. Landing page focuses on single objective. Home page focuses on multiple objectives.

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Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020
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