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Given a binary string, count number of substrings that start and end with 1. For example, if the input string is “00100101”, then there are… Read More
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Master of Science(Research) Computer Science Interview Questions. There was one written Test involves 4 questions all were easy if you… Read More
A relation R is defined on the set of integers as xRy if f(x + y) is even. Which of the following state­ments is true?… Read More
Prelims: 1 hr online test (held in all IITs at the same time). 25 questions of which 22 MCQs (puzzles, P&C, coding..basically all those genres… Read More
Visa Inc. (On – Campus, Day 1) Preliminary Round : 75 minutes Test on Mettle. Assessment Composition: 1. Coding Skills: 2 Questions 2. Programming: 10… Read More
The 2’s complement representation of (−539)10 in hexadecimal is (A) ABE (B) DBC (C) DE5 (D) 9E7 Answer: (C) Explanation: -53910 = 1 010 0001… Read More
Consider a set of n tasks with known runtimes r1, r2, …. rn to be run on a uniprocessor machine. Which of the following processor… Read More
Consider any array representation of an n element binary heap where the elements are stored from index 1 to index n of the array. For… Read More
After 2 hours of gruelling Technical Interview and getting to know that he cleared all the interview rounds, It was a dream come true for… Read More
Relation R is decomposed using a set of functional dependencies, F and relation S is decomposed using another set of functional dependencies G. One decomposition… Read More
The performance of a pipelined processor suffers if : (A) the pipeline stages have different delays (B) consecutive instructions are dependent on each other (C)… Read More
The solution to the recurrence equation T(2k) = 3 T(2k-1) + 1, T (1) = 1, is: (A) 2k (B) (3k + 1 – 1)/2… Read More
Given an integer as input and replace all the ‘0’ with ‘5’ in the integer.  Examples:  Input: 102 Output: 152 Explantion: All the digits which… Read More
In the following C program fragment, j, k n and TwoLog_n are interger variables, and A is an array of integers. The variable n is… Read More
Given two sets represented by two arrays, how to check if the given two sets are disjoint or not? It may be assumed that the… Read More
Mode:- skype and telephonic interview written test by:- amcat 1. Recruitment process There was a written test which had four sections. Technical, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative… Read More
Given two polynomials represented by two arrays, write a function that adds given two polynomials. Example:   Input: A[] = {5, 0, 10, 6} B[] = {1,… Read More
Coding questions: 1) Given two words, find if second word is the round rotation of first word. For example: abc, cab return 1 since cab… Read More
Predict the output of following C program #include<stdio.h> struct Point {   int x, y, z; };    int main() {   struct Point p1 = {.y… Read More
The company came for oncampus recruitment. It is a data analytic company. There were three rounds 1. written test: 20 mcqs full of c programs… Read More