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Barclays Interview Experience for FTE – Graduate Analyst | On-Campus 2021

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Online Round: The test consisted of 30 MCQs and 2 Coding questions. MCQs were based on Java, C++, Python, DBMS, and some aptitude questions. Two coding questions were of intermediate level. I could solve one completely out of the two codings question. But even if you could pass some test cases in any of the questions asked it would do.

Interview Process: I was shortlisted in the second list of Barclays. It was a very friendly interview. I had technical+ hr both in the same interview. I was asked to explain my internship projects. Some questions on DBMS, SQL, Recent advancement in Web development, and Google cloud(since I had certification on that). I was asked some situational based questions related to Barclays values.

I practiced on GeeksforGeeks and leetcode for coding. For DBMS and OS, I watched YouTube videos from Sanchit Jain. I did some personal projects base on full-stack development so that I could explain that thoroughly in an interview. The interview experiences of GeeksforGeeks helped me a lot in the overall recruitment process. 

Make sure you are confident with the skills mentioned in the resume. Always follow the depth-first search approach in any of the subjects you choose to go with. For banks, it is preferable to have a deep knowledge of JAVA and OOPS. For a value-based company like Barclays, it is advisable to go through the company website before the Technical/Hr interview.

Note: Always stick to your routine and your hard work. There will be many rejections many failures that may demotivate you to stop trying for further process. But believe me, I gave almost 12 tests and in spite of performing well in the tests, I was not being shortlisted. If I could get shortlisted in any interview there used to be some shortcomings from my side. But I tried every single day and improved better and better. Barclays arrived at the right time I gave my best shot and waited patiently for the results. So just be patient and always have a positive outlook for your efforts. You will surely get what you want and what you deserve.

All the best!!

Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2020
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