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Barclays Interview Experience for Graduate Analyst (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2020

Barclays came to campus in the last week of October for the position of Graduate Analyst and opened the position with a CGPA cutoff of 6. Around 100 students applied before they held their preplacement talk. 

The placement test had two rounds. 

First Round: The first round followed this fictitious narrative that assessed strengths and weaknesses in your soft skills and data analysis questions. 

Second Round: The second round followed the same narrative from the previous round, but it was conducted on HireVue so the answers were video assessments. Additionally, there was a coding round with one question. 13 people were selected for the next round. 

Interview Round: There were two interview rounds as well. 

  • First Interview Round: The first one was more of a product manager round so it mostly questioned how you would proceed if a certain problem arises with justification. 7 people were selected for the next round. 
  • Second Interview Round: The last round was purely technical and lasted about an hour. Ultimately, 4 people were selected.

Barclays is a company that evaluates candidates holistically so being thorough with your resume, your preferences and your arguments are a must. You don’t necessarily have to give the right answer to every question asked but do attempt it if you have some idea. Keep their RISES values in mind as questions about it would be asked indirectly. At least to me, their HR questions were the harder part of the interview so stay sharp on that. For technical questions, I was asked questions on OOPS, Java, OS, DBMS (SQL and NoSQL), as well as almost every framework/technology mentioned in my resume. 

Personally, the placement season can make or break you. I was shortlisted for around 15 companies before this and made it to the final round for around 7. Just trust yourself, and work really hard when the opportunity arises. Good luck! 

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