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Bain & Company(BCN) Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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Bain Capability Network(BCN) is one of the Offices of Bain and Company in India. It is set up in Gurgaon. It recently visited my Campus for Internship and FTE offers. It allowed all branches to sit for their recruitment process. Approximately 3200 people applied for the process and The first round was resume shortlisting, wherein, they provided their format, we had to make our resume based on the heads they provided.


  1. Do not spoil their format.
  2. Make sure that you mention your Position of Responsibilities(POR), Projects and Internships in brief to get shortlisted.

Out of those 3200, approximately 847 were selected for the next round, which was an online screening round,

Online Screening Round: This round had questions ranging from moderate to hard difficulty, and tested candidates on their skills in Mathematics, Data Interpretation, Decision analytics.

  • This round was a timed test for 60 minutes and had negative marking of 50% per question, make sure you don’t flunk until you’re very sure about the answer. The questions in this round were in form of cases, 4 questions per case, 5 cases, and hence 20 Questions. Platform for this round was hirepro and proctoring was on.
  • 113 were selected for next round.
  • Next round were interviews, but before the interview rounds, Bain team had organized a session for the shortlisted candidates, where we were taught about how to go about guesstimates and business cases. This session was really very insightful and their team was really very interactive. This Session was for 1.5 hrs.

Interview Round 1: Next was Round 1 interview, the interviewer was a manager at the CoE you must’ve preferred, CoEs are the center of excellence (CoE) or teams at Bain, you are supposed to give your preference during the online round, make sure you choose that wisely, as if might end up getting it if you’re selected.

  • The manager first broke the ice by asking me about myself and he told me about himself. Asked a few question on my resume, specially from my PORs. Then the interview proceeded with a guesstimate, mine was on cost estimation and market size analysis. This interview lasted for 1 hour approximately.
  • Practice guesstimates well. And numbers do not matter much here, approach does but that depends on your Interviewer.

Interview Round 2: Finally Round 2 interview was a business case round and had few managerial questions as well, that would again revolve around your PORs.

  • The interviewer had experience of 10 years and was working as a senior manager at Bain.
  • He asked me a lot about my resume. Went deep into it.
  • Don’t lie on your resume and make sure you’re ready with it.
  • He then gave me a market entry case, which was fairly a medium one.
  • I was told to estimate the profit, cost and expected time of returns. Here numbers and calculations mattered a lot, make sure you make no silly mistakes on that part.
  • Finally, I was asked to do a sanity check on my approach and synthesize and close the case.
  • This was all about it. We received the results after 7 hrs approximately through our Training and Placement cell.

Verdict: Selected. Next day the HRs of Bain had an offer celebration video meet, which was more of a Interaction call.

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