Lowe’s company on campus interview experience

Round1: Online coding round
This round consisted of sections like aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal and coding.Each section consisted of 30 questions.
There were 2 coding questions in the coding section.
First question was A matrix with r rows and c columns is given a bit 0 or 1 and n. bit -0 specifies row and 1 specifies column.So you need to circular right rotate nth row or circular rotate nth column vertically down and output the resultant matrix.


Input : bit=0 n=2
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
Output :
1 2 3
6 4 5
7 8 9
As bit=0 rotate 2nd row circularly.
Input : bit=1 n=2
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
Output :
1 8 3
4 2 6
7 5 9

Second question was You will be given s, n where s is the no of set bits(i.e no of ones in the binary representation of the number) and n is the no of bits in the binary representation of the number.You need to output the sum of numbers whose number of bits<=n and no of set bits=s.

Input : s=1 n=2
Output :3
As 1, 2 are the numbers satisfying the above condition.

Round2: Technical Interview
The first question was to implement LRU cache.I was asked to write the code for LRU cache.Other questions were on polymorphism, runtime polymorphism, operator overloading, write an example on polymorphism. He asked me to write a code for finding the kth element from the end of a linked list in single pass i.e O(n) not in O(2n).He asked me questions like what are vptr, vtable, virtual. Some questions were based on my projects and internship.

This lasted for around 30 mins.
Round3: HR Round
The panel consisted of 2 people.
The questions asked were Tell me about your whole journey, why do you want to join the company, why do we hire you, what are your strengths, what are your hobbies, what was the toughest project on which you have worked on, what are your weaknesses, what have you done to overcome them, What are your extra curricular activities, what’s your dream company.
They asked me whether I had any questions.Do ask questions.
I asked them the questions like what are the technologies used, how is a usual day in the company, how is the technical growth in the company.
This round ended by mentioning the compensation details to me.

This round lasted for around 45 mins.

5 students were selected.

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