Arcesium Interview Experience (On Campus for FTE)

Arcesium visited our campus in December for FTE. The recruitment process consisted of 1 Online Round, 3 Technical Rounds and 1 HR Round.

Round 1 (Online Coding and Aptitude Round on Hackerrank):

Online round consisted of 2 coding questions and 15 aptitude questions and 10 CS MCQs.

Coding Questions:

1)Given an array of numbers consisting of only 1s and -1s remove all the 1s recursively which are sandwiched between -1s .

2) You have a key board with keys consisting of only alphabet from a-z and number of times you can use a key utmost is given in an array, if the value in array is zero means that particular key is already broken. Every key breaks after it is used for more than it’s threshold. Now given a string and a number K. Print the maximum length of prefix of string you can print with utmost k errors.

There is negative marking for MCQs, by solving one question completely and one question partially and with decent score in MCQs you can clear to the next round. Out of around 180 students 15 people were shortlisted for next round.


Round 2 (Technical Round):

1) Topological Sort of a graph both recursively and iteratively.

2) LCA of a binary tree.

3) Top view of Binary Tree.

4) Complex SQL Query involving mutliple joins and recursive queries.

5) What is thrashing and how do you handle it

Round 3(Technical Round ):

1)  You are given coins of denominations of value 1, 3, 5 with infinite coins available, given a number n find number of ways to reach that number.

2) A class consists of X students and the next day’s question paper consists of Y questions, teacher leaks these Y questions to Y students. Students can communicate only through their mails and each student can atmost send only K questions to another student through a single mail.

3) What is an immutable object and how to construct it?

4) What is a singleton class and how to construct it?

5) Difference between overloading and overriding?

6) Complex SQL query involving multiple joins and recursions is asked

Round 4(Technical Round):

1) Implement 3 stacks in an array and later after certain pushes and pops are done try to defragment the array. Instead of exact solution, different approaches in which one can think of is the main agenda of the interview.

Round 5(HR round):

1) What do you know about arcesium?

2) Discussion on summer internship

3) Questions about how do you organize an event/piece of work which involves large amount of man power

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