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American Express Technology (On- Campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2019
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American Express came to our college for both FTEs and Internship hiring. The CGPA cutoff was 6.5 and the eligible branches were CSE, ECE & EE.


Online Test on HackerRank. There were three coding questions only (NO MCQs) of moderate level.

Q1:- Given an array nums and two sliding windows of size K & L which don’t have any element in common between them, you need to return the maximum sum of elements we can get between both windows.
This is basically an extension of SLIDING WINDOW Problem on Geeks for Geeks.

Q2:- Given a string with elements having lowercase letters and question marks. Replace each question mark with lowercase letter such that the element is not equal to the element before it and the element after it.


Input String:- abcab??bac?
Output:- abcabacbaca
(There can be a lot of different outputs, anyone of them was accepted)

Input String:- ????????
Output:- abcdefgh

Q3:- We are given the maximum occurances of ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ in a string. We need to make the largest length string containing only ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ such that no three consecutive characters are same.


Input:- 3 3 3
Output:- abcabcabc
(There can be a lot of different outputs, anyone of them was accepted)

Input:- 5 5 3
Output:- aabbcaabbcabc

About 14 students out of 130 were selected for the interviews


This was kind of a Technical+HR Interview.
The interviewer was quite chill, he started the interview in Punjabi language and asked about me and my family. Then he switched to English (maybe he was checking my proficiency in different languages along with technical stuff).

Q1: Introduction
Q2: Explain OSI Model in Computer Networks.
Q3: Explain different types of RAID in DBMS.
Q4: What is the difference between Zero and NULL Character.
Q5: Explain Different types of Machine Learning with example.
I personally recommend you to right topics into your resume which you know completely. They ask from those topics mainly which are written in the end.

Then he asked me in which profile i want to do an intern?
Then he asked me why I didn’t opted for SSB thought i cleared NDA written exam (They read your resume very carefully, you should know every detail of what you’ve written)

My personal Mantra to the students reading this is to be real in an interview! Tell everything Honestly.


This was a purely Technical Round. The interviewer asked me the basics of SQL.
Then he asked me about Natural Join, Cross Join and Right Outer and Left Outer Join with diagrams and to write two basic GROUP BY and HAVING queries.
Then he asked me to write a code for addition of two numbers(quite basic right).
After i wrote this, he passed two strings as input, and asked me now what will happen.
Then he asked me to apply Exception Handling on the solution and asked me why it is important.
Then the interviewer asked me the real life applications of Inheritance & Encapsulation.
Then he asked me the difference between Function Overloading and Operator overloading.
Then he asked me if i have any question from him.

7 students were selected at last after these rounds. Thank you GFG for providing us a platform to write our interview experience.
Good Luck for Amex!

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