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American Express Interview Experience for EDA/CFR (Intern+FTE) On-Campus

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American Express visited Vellore Institute of Technology in September 2022, offering Internship+Full Time EDA/CFR Roles. The entire recruitment process was wrapped up in 4 rounds, as follows:

  • Round One: CV Screening and Online Assessment
  • Round Two: Group Discussion
  • Round Three: Technical Interview
  • Round Four: Technical + HR Interview

Note: There was a CGPA cutoff of 7 CGPA initially.

Round 1: CV Screening and Online Assessment – Approximately 4200 students applied for the American Express Recruitment Drive in our college. Out of these 4200 students, only 150 students were shortlisted for the next round of the selection process after the CV Screening. 

Online Assessment: The next round of the selection process was the Online Assessment, conducted on the Mettl platform. The total time duration of the test was 60 mins and the test comprised 60 questions, mainly from 4 sections – C, Cognitive Evaluation, Data Structures, and SQL. The overall level of difficulty was easy to moderate level.

About 50 students were further shortlisted after the Online Assessment for the Group Discussion round. 

Round 2: Group Discussion: For the Group Discussion round, there were 5 GD Panels. Hence, the 50 students shortlisted were split into groups of 10 each. The topic of my GD panel was – Comparison between traditional credit card companies and fintech startups. All the students shared their views and opinions one-by-one, in an organized manner. The GD lasted for about 20 minutes and was quite insightful and knowledgeable. 

Soon, the result was declared and 4-5 students from each GD panel were shortlisted. In short, the total student count was reduced from 50 to ~25 by the end of the GD round. 

Round 3: Technical Interview: The technical round started with a brief introduction of myself. There were two interviewers in this round. 

  • After giving me their introduction, they asked me about my projects and internships. Every single project and internship mentioned on my resume was examined thoroughly. 
  • After this, they asked me 1 or 2 Coding questions and 4-5 SQL queries. 
  • The coding questions were on an easy difficulty level, while the SQL queries were on a moderate difficulty level. I was able to answer almost all the coding questions and SQL queries.
  •  After this, they asked me some Guesstimate questions and puzzles. 
  • One of the puzzles asked was: I managed to answer the guesstimates and puzzles pretty well. Finally, they asked me about American Express and its functioning.
  •  This round ended with the conventionally asked question –  Do you have any questions for us? (This round lasted for about an hour)

After the Technical round, approximately 11 students were shortlisted for the final Tech+HR Round.  

Round 4: Technical + HR Interview: This round again started with a brief introduction of mine, followed by a discussion of my projects and internships. 

  • The interviewer asked me technical questions related to the projects mentioned on my resume. I was able to answer all of them confidently. 
  • Next, the interviewer asked me some HR questions and a few questions to test my knowledge of American Express. This round also ended on a happy note. 

RESULT – The results were declared by the end of the day, and I was one among the 6 students who were selected by American Express !!!

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Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2022
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