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American Express Internship Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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Round 1(Online Test – Duration: 1hr 30 mins): Platform – The first round comprised of 3 coding questions (medium to hard difficulty level)

Round 2(Technical Round): Duration: 40 to 50 minutes

  • Asked about git and its commands.
  • how much you know about DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Do you know about SHL keys.
  • show me some of your projects you have worked on.
  • How you implemented Security feature in your project.
  • what other projects you have worked on.
  • Have you worked on python.
  • what is abstraction.
  • what is polymorphism explain in detail with different types.
  • Asked some more questions related to OOPS.
  • Prior internship experiences. what was your role in project.
  • Asked about thing which were mentioned in resume.

Round 3(Technical + HR): Duration – 40-50 minutes

  • Can you tell me about yourself.
  • Prior internship Experience and projects.
  • Write a code for Fibonacci series.
  • Different approaches to write Fibonacci code.
  • Why American Express.
  • What you know about Amex.
  • Do you have any Questions for me.

Verdict: SELECTED (6 Months Internship)


  • Stay Calm throughout the process and focus on your resume. 
  • They might ask you to showcase your projects and ask questions related to the skills and tech stack you mentioned in your resume.

Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2021
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