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American Express Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 08 Sep, 2021
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Round 1: Online Test

  • The coding test consists of 3 questions, where the difficulty level of the questions are easy, medium, hard. Among those, 2 questions are from the string topic and the other is the basic level question. I cleared all the questions, the final report of the online test is 100 percent. After the online test 14 people are selected I am the one from that.

Round 2: Technical Interview

  • It was started with introducing ourselves, after that he gave the coding question which I was performed in the online test previously, and he said to explain the logic, such that I have done the question by using a priority queue concept, I explained the logic each and every point after that he asked me to implement encapsulation in that code, I just implemented my best after that he asked OOPS concepts while doing that question, later he focused on DSA questions on hashing such that he was not directly asked the question, which was the chain hashing concept for efficient approach, I didn’t understand his intention at that time, after that I asked him to give an example which makes me clear, so always ask the question until you make it clear about that thing. At last, he said do you have any questions, I asked few questions.

After that 9 people are selected for Round 3, I was one of them.

Round 3: Tech + HR

  • Again it was started by introducing ourselves after that asked all skills and questions, which I have mentioned in my resume and projects in a deep way.
  •  He asked about HTML tags which I was haven’t remember that at that time, after that he asked the difference between C and C++, I covered all the points and he started asking about projects which were on cyber security (Vulnerability accessing) I answered all the questions, later about DSA graph applications, later he asked which algorithm was used on social media for finding friend suggestions (I said BFS and gave an example for that). Later he asked about cookies and server-based questions deeply on which I have the basic idea. I answered that questions properly.

After that 7 people are selected for the final list, Unfortunately, I was not in that.


  • Make sure that you have good knowledge of all the skills which, you have mentioned on your resume (even small things). while explaining projects use terminologies which you are familiar with not to exceed that, don’t give any explanation unless he asks about that, Finally, there is a luck factor depend on your interviewer.
  • Not to ask any questions regarding higher education, even though if you plan something in the future. You need to ask in a manner that it should empathize that he/she is very interested(necessity) in that company and technologies things.
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