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Amdocs Interview Experience for Software Developer (Java)

Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2022
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Hi people, I was interviewed for Amdocs using virtual interviews. There were 3 rounds–

Online Assessment: The test link was sent by email. It was logo test platform and the test was 120 mins. The questions included SQL, Java, Linux commands, and 1 programming question.
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Technical Interview: After 2days I received an invitation for a technical interview. It was 60 mins. There were 2 interviewers for Java and SQL.

Java: final keyword and static keyword, overriding and overloading, OOPS concept, types of set.

  1. Program to find 2nd largest element in an array.
    Article Link:
    Practice Link:
  2. Override equals() and hashCode() of Object class.
    Article Link:

SQL: Scenario-based questions and query for joining 3 tables using inner join and self join

They cross-question in order to check if you are really confident. Make sure you are good at the skills mentioned in your resume. 

HR Interview: The next day I was invited to the HR round. The questions asked include — Introduction, Why am I looking for a switch, Why Amdocs, and basic HR questions.

After salary negotiation, it took 1 week for the offer letter. But I suggest you wait at least 2 weeks and in case of no communication till then, you can contact HR.

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