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Amdocs Interview Experience for Software Developer Associate (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021

Amdocs visited our campus for FTE hiring in mid-September 2021. The procedure was as follows:

Round 1: Online Test

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2-hour long test on the HirePro platform.

  • Section 1: Aptitude (quants, logical and verbal), 15 questions in 25 minutes.
  • Section 2: Technical (MCQs on Networking, OS, OOPS, and other fundamental concepts), 18 questions in 20 minutes. One must have strong fundamentals to clear this section easily.
  • Section 3: 4 coding questions (2 array-based, 2 SQL query-based) – 1 easy and 1 medium to hard level each, 60 minutes. Tip: If you only solve easy questions for coding and SQL completely, you’ll be set for this section. Easy questions mainly covered arrays, strings, and basic queries that use clauses like group by, order by, where, etc. Brute force approaches work fine and pass all the test cases.
  • Section 4 (Optional): You have to choose a programming language and the questions would be in accordance with your choice. Pseudocodes, templates, and class concepts were thoroughly tested in this section. It contained technical MCQs, 8 questions in 15 minutes. Tip: Do opt for this section, as this gives a candidate a scoring edge over the rest.

Round 2: Psychometric Test

  • It was 15 minutes round in which you have to answer 50 MCQ questions. These questions help in knowing more about a candidate, their behavior as a person, and their confidence.
  • It was a compulsory round for all the selected candidates from the online test. There was no elimination in this round.

Round 3: Technical Interview

  • This round lasted for an hour at most for the majority of the candidates. The interview is purely resume-based, so ensure you know everything about that paper front and back. Prepare to explain your project(s) end-to-end and briefly. The interviewer asks a language you’re comfortable in coding and asks relevant questions. The coding questions are easy.
  • I got to code palindrome checking and even odd logics, they simply want to ensure if you can think clearly and implement solutions cleanly. Fundamentals of concepts like DBMS, OS, OOPS would come in handy too. The interviewer is your friend and does not hesitate to clear out your doubts and they even help you along to reach a solution.

Note: No is also an answer (albeit politely), it saves time for both, the interviewer and you.

Round 4: HR Interview

  • This was a 10 minute round, only to know a bit about you, your technical and non-technical interests, family background. Ensure to attend the pre-placement talk as they might ask a bit about their values and why you want to choose Amdocs.
  • This is around meant mainly for your document verification (education gap, grades through schooling and college levels, etc).

Verdict: Selected as SDA at Amdocs.

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