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Amdocs Interview Experience for Software Developer Associate FTE (Campus Hiring)

Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2020
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Round 1 (Online Test): It had two sections:

  1. Aptitude
  2. Coding Questions

There were 2 questions based on problem-solving skills

  1. You are given a vector of words. Two words are connected if there is a difference of at most one character. You have to return a vector containing words that are connected one way or another.

    Eg: CAT, BAT, BAD. Here CAT is connected to BAT directly.

    CAT is also connected to BAD indirectly since BAT is connected to BAD.

    Note that it is possible that the mutual connection of two words doesn’t lie between them, consider the following possible test case :

    CAT, BAD, BAT 

    Here, the answer in both cases is the same.

  2. There were two SQL query questions as well. 

Geeksforgeeks playlist can help you with this:

Round 2 (Technical Round): Begins with the basic introduction and background knowledge of computer science. The focus was majorly on data structures and database management system concepts

  1. Three coding questions were asked (Basic level)

    1. Check if a given integer is palindrome or not.
    2. How to find the middle element of the linked list.
    3. How to check if the given linked list is circular.
  2. He asked to write SQL queries on how to retrieve the top 5 students from the database according to the highest marks without using the top command.

  3. A thorough discussion on blockchain technology has happened (It was from my project)

  4. He then asked about my experience with AWS and Big Data. I gave him basic intuition about the technologies and their applications.

  5. One puzzle was asked: Given 9 balls having 8 of them equal weights while one is heavier one. You have to find the heavier in minimum attempts on the weighing machine.

    You can put any number of balls on the weighing machine.

    Give it a shot.

    The answer is 2

  6. Finally, they asked some scenario-based questions and Q&A session.

It lasts around 40-45 minutes.

Round 3 (HR):

  1. Why Amdocs?
  2. Family background
  3. Whether you want to do further studies
  4. Weakness and strengths
  5. What do you feel your biggest achievement so far?
  6. Location preference

Verdict: Selected

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