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Amazon Scotland Interview Experience

Last Updated : 21 May, 2020
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Amazon Scotland was hiring for the position of SDE-2. I just happened to get knowledge of their opportunities from a friend. I had applied, but did not really think about getting shortlisted. However, my resume for shortlisted and I received an email to choose a date for telephonic interview. I had given the 1st round interview, and could not clear it. I would however like to share my interview experience. 

Question 1: Approximately how many lines of code have you written till now? 

I answered this question in a very subjective and calculative manner. I counted the number of courses and approximately the number of projects I had done till the time. Then I fixed an average code size for each project. And gave him an approximate answer. He seemed to be satisfied with the approach. 

Question 2: Given a file with large number of sentences, choose a sentence randomly where all sentences have equal probability. 

I could not really solve this question. I gave him few approaches like counting number of sentences and then choosing a random between and then choosing a line. However, I later realized I could have normalized the sentence length by subtracting mean length and dividing by standard variance. But I am not sure if this approach would have satisfied the interviewer. 

These were the only technical questions asked. 

Below are a few behavioral questions I was asked. 

Question 1: What was the biggest problem you faced till now while developing a project and how did you resolve it? 

Question 2: What would you do if you feel biased towards a team member during an ongoing project? 

And with this the interview was completed.

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