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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Interview Experience

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Round 1:The first round was on tests mettl. There were two coding questions. One was a cost matrix was gives for a graph and you hsve to find the minimum and maximum costs in which you can cover all nodes once. The second one I dont remember but was easy . I did it using 2d matrix in O(n^2). Aptitude and technical questions were of moderate difficulty.

Round 2:
Round 2 was a group fly round. Two codes need to be written in half an hour.

1.Using multithreading print odd even nos


Round 3:
It was an HR + technical round. Questions from DBMS and OOPs were asked. Some were tricky some were easy. And basic HR questions like what you know about RBS .. Were asked.

Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2018
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