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Amazon Interview Experience

Last Updated : 18 May, 2021
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April 2021(1 Year Experienced)

Round 1: First round comprised of 2 coding questions on the hackerrank platform

  1. Optimal file merge (solved by using priority queue /heaps).
  2. Second question used the concept of BFS in a matrix.

We also have to write the approach used for both these coding questions.

The written round was cleared, and I got an email for a telephonic round which was on Google meet

Round 2: The interviewer gave me one question and a shared file to do any rough work or write code there

  1. The question was: I gave the brute force approach but could not properly figure out the optimised solution for this question so was not selected for further rounds.
  2. And other questions he asked were around the leadership principles of Amazon.

Tips- Practice Data structure and algorithms questions a lot and also go through the Amazon leadership principles properly, as they focus on them a lot. All the Best!

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