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Royal Bank of Scotland Interview Experience | Set 2 (Software Designer)

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Round 1: This was a written pen and paper round with 20 MCQ questions (related to Java as I applied for Java developer) and 4 coding questions out of which three needed to be done on paper 

Coding Ques: 

Find the row with highest no. of 1 in a 2d sorted matrix having 0 and 1 as column values 

Reverse a linked list recursively 

Rwo roads and only one sided traffic at a time is allowed. Code for synchronization to avoid deadlock 

Counting semaphore problem in which a resource as N instances.Synchronizing access to resource . 

MCQ questions related to Strings initialization ,Java 8 features ,JIT,mutex,Singleton pattern ,Streams etc Some times more than one is correct. 

Round 2: This was a technical discussion of Round one 

Asked to explain the Programmes written . 

Role in previous company . 

Architecture and understanding of the projects done in previous company . 

Design patterns familiar with and used and asked about Singleton 

Round 3: Was a Design round of one hour on pen and paper Both HIGH and LOW level design was asked . 

Design a system which could have N clients .Each client can be charged with M prices depending upon P number of services. 

System should have following characteristics 

N can always be increased or decreased 

M can always be increased or decreased like (hotel prices) so a variable pricing scheme need to be implemented 

Services can also increase or decrease 

System could Serve millions of customer at a time 

System should be scalable and fault tolerant. 

The requested should be served as fast as possible minimizing space. 

Round 4 : technical discussion of design Round 

Cache implementation . 

Hashmap implementation . 

Data structure implementation which could store only duplicates 

Implementing a service in which a task  is done by 10 threads parallelly and we have to update task progress of each thread in overall progress like a file download manager 


Last Updated : 14 Feb, 2022
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