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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Interview Experience for Software Engineer(Java)

Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2019
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I have applied for this opportunity on their carrier website. There were 5 rounds in total.

Round 1: This round was a test on mettl. There were 25 MCQ questions with a total duration for the test of 45 minutes. Test was comprised for comparatively easy questions based on Java for ex: output, theoretical concepts of OOP in Java, etc.

Round 2: For this and upcoming rounds, I was called at RBS Gurgaon office. The interview began with basic concepts of Java and there was lot of in-depth discussion regarding various concept of Java, Data structures and Algorithms. Some of the main questions are as follows:

  1. Implement your own LinkedList class present in Java.
  2. Perform various operation on this LinkedList(code was asked to be written).
  3. Difference between HashMap and HashTable, which is better and why?
  4. ArrayList vs Array in Java.
  5. Write code for various design patterns such as Singleton(simple and enhanced version), Factory, etc.
  6. What is a RESTful API? How to implement it?
  7. Binary Search Algorithm.
  8. Find weather two strings are anagram of each other or not(only algorithm was asked).
  9. Polymorphism in Java i.e. Overloading vs Overriding. Asked to implement code as well.

There were many other single word answer questions asked as well.

Round 3:  This was a system design round and I was given a problem statement(can’t be revealed as I have signed a NDA) for which an efficient system has to be designed. After designing the system, there was a detailed discussion on the same. I was asked to implement mutex, semaphores and LRU caching algorithm in Java as well. Interviewer also tried to enhance my proposed design by creating some virtual defects in that as well. Hence, the key here is to ask the complete requirements before designing your system.

Round 4: This was a managerial round. A brief discussion on my projects mentioned in my resume and  previous job roles was done followed by few stress interview questions. Some questions related to Cloud Computing providers were also asked.

Round 5: This was a HR round. A brief discussion was done over the interview experience, personal and professional details mentioned in my resume and expected salary.

2 weeks after the interview rounds, I was offered the role.

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