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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 248 (4.8 Yrs Experience for SDE II)

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    1. Given lengths(costs) of ropes, find the total minimum cost of creating a single rope. (cost of two ropes = length1 + length2)
    2. Find all the diagonal sums of a binary tree
  1. F2F
    1. Design Movie tickets booking system
      1. Class diagram with all relevant classes & associations
      2. find out all use cases
      3. describe a typical flow of events
      4. show how each use case is handled using your class diagram (selection of seats, payment etc)
      5. how would system be designed such that you can show the user complete cinema hall with all seats in their respective locations.
      6. write a service for a front end controller which will let users to select multiple seats according to their preference. Already booked seats & available seats should be marked differently.
      7. how will the cost of a booking be determined (I used decorator pattern for it)
  1. F2F
    1. About projects I had worked on; current task; few questions on the current task
    2. Challenges faced when an urgent action was required from my side during the project life cycle. What were the problems, how I tackled it, how I implemented its solution
    3. Architecture (design) of the project I had worked for the longest period of time.
    4. Other tasks I had done: Batch jobs & REST web services. Questions around them
    5. Design a system having multiple jobs, interacting with each other such that (use a DAG for this problem):
      1. a job can run for very long periods (1-2 days)
      2. a node can fail/crash on which certain job is running
      3. system should be scalable
      4. amount of data getting transferred is huge
      5. data in the system is very sensitive and needs security
      6. job/s can fail
  1. F2F
    1. About projects, current task
    2. Design a system for a Building having various Access Points & Users having multiple levels of access
      1. Class diagram with all entities, relationships
      2. how will you achieve scalability? (handle the system when the number of users accessing it is very high at the same time)
      3. write all the necessary services required
      4. how will you handle the scenario when a person misplaces his card
      5. how will the scenario for visitors entering the building be handled?
  1. Telephonic
    1. Tell about all your projects you have worked in your career till now and your role and contribution in each.
    2. Reasons for switching earlier from previous company to current, project with in the company and now to Amazon
    3. Toughest situations handled, your role, your solution, how feasible was it
    4. Process of tackling highest priority issues, solutions, implementation, approvals and end result.
    5. Flow of events in a typical development and release cycle.
    6. Coding question (first design & then code on collabedit). Problem Statement: You are given n number of mutually exclusive jobs with their schedules (time of running) that need to be run on m number of nodes. Find minimum value of m such that all jobs can run in their respective times. Optimize your solution.

Last Updated : 03 Jul, 2019
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