Oyo Interview Experience for SDE-2 ( 4 yrs)

I interviewed at their Gurgaon Office.

Round 1:

Initially we had a talk about the projects that I had done in the past. The interviewer asked a lot about Kafka, how to handle failures and parallelism etc.

Then we moved on to writing generic SDKs that could be used by other developers. First was writing a generic Rule Engine that developers can use to define and configure rules.
One of the possible implementations is given in this article :  https://dzone.com/articles/really-simple-powerful-rule

Then I was asked to write entire code for heap data structure along with code for heapify method

Round 2:

A wide range of questions were asked. First was a modified problem of task scheduling that involved priority queues. Then he asked me multiple algorithms that can be used in task scheduling along with their pros and cons.

A few mathematical problems, rope and fire problem,   some memory based problems from Java/Spring were asked. He asked about Fork Join Pool introduced in Java7

Write Object Oriented classes for Snake and Ladder Game.
The interviewer expects abstract classes for common attributes and interfaces for common functionalities which need to be abstracted out. The game can have multiple Core objects along with a Display class to display the current state of Board beside others.

The entire process was around 3 hours long. No offer.

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