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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 163 (For SDE II)

Last Updated : 27 Jun, 2019
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Recently I attended amazon bangalore interview for SDE 2 position. All f2f and no phone/written screening as i had attended one before and cleared those. Total 5 rounds and below are the details.

1) Coding
Given 2 nodes in a binary tree, find the length of the path connecting them (standard)

2) Coding
Given an continuous input stream of characters, find a method to get the earliest/oldest non repeated character at any time in O(1).(solved using a doubly linked list and array combo)

3) Hiring Manager
Questions regarding the past projects, challenges (Important! please search google for preparation grid and fill it up, be honest, be consize, your interviewer has gone through hundreds of filmsy, shaky and all kinds of project descriptions and don’t think you can fool him.)

4) Design round
Design a system where a buyer puts a notification to the social networking site about his transaction.

5) Bar raiser
Past project discussion, design a cab service system, how would you define the standerds to be ahead of your customers, how to handle scalability issue.

Brush up coding style, you may know the logic, but don’t keep much hope if the code is messy, lengthy and without boundary checks, practice writing code on paper which can run without any modification.
Think loud, the interviewer is ready to help you, even to the extent of going into your code and finding bugs, and that does not make you look bad.
Think all possible angles when designing. if the line goes down, if there’s a meteor hitting the server, someone is using the design after 20 years, so what might happen. scalability is important for amazon. Prepare your project details and think of your real fault, real problems to tell the manager.

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