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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1(0 – 2 years Experienced)

Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2019
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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE – 1 Off campus Drive Bengaluru.
Myself 2019 passed out.

First round is a written round. There are different sets of questions.
-> Stocks maximum profit problem
-> Sum of heights of nodes in binary tree

Above round is for 45 min. After that they announced results. I was shortlisted for next round.
Round 2, Face to face technical interview – 1
tell me about yourself
discussion on stack and queue about their usage and operations.
->Implement stack with push, pop, peek, getmin operations in O(1)
->Right view of binary tree.
q/a on different data structures.

Code must be flawless and production ready.
Interviewer is friendly and we had a healthy discussion about her role and work-culture at Amazon.
This round took more than 1 hour. I was shortlisted for next round.

Round 3, Face to face technical interview – 2

Tell me about yourself
->Minimum number of platforms for trains, given train arrival, departure.
->Get the zig-zag traversal of a binary tree.
(Interviewer asked me do you know this question before I admitted I know, then asked me to give logic)
discussion on binary tree
->flatten the linked-list(asked to give the logic)(Interviewer modified this question as below and asked to code)
->print the values of the nodes, for given linked-list as when flattened(without modifying linked-list)

Interviewer is very particular about the code and logic and asked me to try different solutions other than given, I tried and gave different solutions but it took time. Interview took  around 1.5 hours .

Be honest in the interview it will help you a lot.

Round 4, Face to face technical interview – 3

This interview is 2 on 1.
Tell me about yourself
a brief discussion on different data structures and their importance
->All the following operations must be achieved in O(1) addition(), removal(), getRandomNumber(), search()
allowed to use any Data Structure
(Assume you are giving input from user and can perform operations in-between)
one more question asked(don’t remember exactly) (only logic and how I approach discussed)
->Few os questions on deadlocks, Multi-threading.
->discussion on basic networking and how internet works
how will you earn the trust of your colleagues
and behavioural questions related to their leadership principles.

Be genuine and give your best. Let the interviewer feel you are a team player and able to work.
(Amazon is very particular about the 14 leadership principles, do refer them)

Round 5, Face to face interview – 4(Hiring Manager round)

->Pruning a binary tree (prune all nodes if path_sum > n from root to nodes)
Interviewer asked me why I did choose the logic and explain about the optimal space and time complexity for my solution.
->Asked about internship and role, how I contributed to my team in intern.
->Project discussion.
Few behavioral questions.

Verdict : Selected
NOTE : Whole process took more than a month so don’t worry they will definitely convey the info.

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