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Amazon Interview Experience | Internship – AmazeWit

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I got to know about Amazewit through the Training and Placement Cell of our college. Check it out here – . They had a recruitment drive for both 2021 and 2022 batches. I think their criteria was CGPA>=6.5 , No backlogs, and opened applications on 20th April till 5th May 2020. I received an Online Assessment confirmation shortly after that. This was followed by a series of webinars through Facebook live that might also be available at AmazeWit’s Facebook Page.

Online Assessment – May 22nd – 24th

They sent extensive details about the assessment and we could attempt it anytime within the test duration. They also held a webinar to clarify all relevant doubts. It had the following sections:

(i) Code Debug – 20 minutes for I think 4 or 6 questions, I don’t remember exactly, but they were fairly simple and time was adequate.

(ii) Coding – 70 minutes for 2 questions. the questions weren’t direct but if you read them carefully, they boiled down to simpler problems like as follows.

  1. It was something like there is flight, and select a pair of movies such that the maximum possible sum of the time is 30 mins less than the time of the flight. Return the index of the pairs. So it boiled down to . I think I missed some corner case here, as all of my test cases didn’t pass.
  2. It was something like you need to deliver something so find the closest warehouse. So it boiled down to . All test cases passed.

As far as I remember I solved both of them with a sorting approach.

(ii) Work Style Assessment – 10-15 minutes – I was 100% honest and didn’t think too much really, and I recommend the same. 

(iv) Logical Reasoning – 35 minutes – I had not prepared for this.We couldn’t skip and come back to questions here, I did as many questions I could do as quick as possible.

F2F Interview – 18 June

I had a really nice and humble interviewer I’d say, it was a wonderful experience. I was pretty excited too. We had it over Amazon Chime, due to the pandemic, and we both had our cameras on. (Some people’s interviewers didn’t switch on their camera too though). He looked at my Resume and asked me to quickly go over it. He also asked me one very genuine question from skills that I had mentioned, about my choice of technologies.

Then we started with coding. Amazon has a very cool coding platform of their own for interviews. He commented and explained the questions there only.

  1. , a fairly easy question to start with, i asked him some clarifying questions e.g. if its an ASCII string or Unicode and about my choice of using an array or a hashmap etc., explained my approach and time complexity of my approach, and then proceeded to coding.
  2. I was seeing this question for the first time and I don’t remember my exact approach. I first explained my approach, time complexity and there he reminded me of the corner case of 99100. Then I coded my solution and did a dry run.
  3. , here also I explained my approach and I had also done this question in the Leetcode Challenge. I had clarifying questions like, do we need to preserve our matrix, etc. (I in general ask a lot of questions for every task so I was really happy that interviews encourage clarifying questions and asked alp that I had xD ), and solved it and discussed the solution, time complexity etc.

We were a little bit over time, but my interviewer was gracious. He asked if I had any questions and I had thought of two, one related to Amazon’s culture and one related to internships.

I was really happy with the process, and after a long wait we received the results on 6 August.


I derived a lot of help and experience by reading interview experiences here at geeksforgeeks and hope to help others too! All the best!!

Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2020
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